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Ho Shi, No T
08 June 2013 @ 02:50 am
Flying to London on June 19th !!!!! That's like not even two weeks, nbd

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(Wait, did I even make an I-graduated-from-college post at all??? I don't think so. Well. That happened, yay, let's move on.)

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Man, I felt like nothing interesting had been going on since I came back home from school, but I guess that's not true. I had a bad day today (shopping is the worst and pants are not made to fit my body) but this lj therapy has been surprisingly effective. Aside from the looming shadow of the future, I'm quite pleased??

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Ho Shi, No T
15 May 2013 @ 02:11 am

i would be watching it rn but a) 2am and b) i dont really want to wake celeste up with my sobbing


Ho Shi, No T
03 May 2013 @ 04:17 pm
So it's reading period/finals week starting today, which is fine and all, because i have nothing to do.

Well, not quite nothing- a 4-6 page take-home final for film and an annotated bibliography for comp lit (which i've done all the research for and just need to type up).

Which, compared to most finals periods, is pretty damn close to NOTHING.

So, I'm looking for suggestions of things to do in the next week that don't involve money! Cause if I let myself I could spend the entire week lying in bed watching television, but I'd rather not. I'd like to enjoy the weather and the free time in a way that is at least mildly productive and enjoyable (and money-free, because I'm saving what little money I have left for senior week).

Lay it on me.
Ho Shi, No T
Wow so we've been watching some older American films for my Rome class and god, Hollywood was fucking terrible. Two in particular had essentially the same plot- arrogant Roman commander falls for innocent Christian girl, stalks/sexually harasses/threatens her but she falls for him anyways, he tries to save her from Nero's persecution, fails, converts to Christianity out of love for her, and magically becomes a decent person. I mean, it's just strikingly blatant how the narrative structure of these films have absolutely nothing to do with real life, or romance. The Christian Girl is there to be "good" in opposition to the Seductress!Empress's "bad", and to lead the Hero to salvation through her Purity and Modesty. She loves the Hero, not because he has done anything to earn their love, but so that he can then convert to Christianity, refute his prior world of pagan, Neronian debauchery, and be saved. (in one of them the girl actually says something like- "you were predatory, but even then something in my heart just knew"- and at that point the entire class groaned.) The hero, in his turn, has to be a complete dick at first bc he's "Roman", but once the girl returns his love, he starts the conversion process so that his eventual good-guy happy ending comes as a "Christian".

Also, both films so heavily equate the persecuted Christians with America- in the frame of the first, from 1932, the corrupt and debauched Rome equals the "raging 20s"- the debauchery which 'caused' the Great Depression, and so America can only find salvation through a return to Christian Morality. In the second, from 1951, Nero's despotism is either reflective of the post-war view of Hitler and Mussolini, or the current situation with Stalin - and he can only be defeated by America's Moral and Humble Christianity.

In case you couldn't tell, I found all of this ABSOLUTELY INFURIATING. I'm so sick of Morally Superior Christians in my Roman cinema, gosh.

BUT, as for actual life things, this week has been massive amounts of better than the last. I want to thank everyone who commented on my last entry, you are all stars, and it was a great & necessary reminder that I do, actually, have awesome friends.
Ho Shi, No T
11 February 2013 @ 01:18 pm
- German class cancelled bc Frau Keyler is sick and lost her voice
- Extension from FUBiS on paying for my registration bc I'm an idiot who couldn't get her shit together but it doesn't matter bc I emailed asking for help and now I have an extra two weeks and everything is okay.
- picked up an extra 5 hours of work this weekend, making up for the shift I lost during the blizzard
- ?????
Monday, you don't usually treat me this well.

ETA: hah so I posted this, went and ate lunch, and then remembered at about 1:45 that I had a 4-page paper due for my next class at 2:40?? Ran to the library, skipped class so I could write the paper for... that.. class, emailed it in at 6pm (claiming migraine as excuse for missing). I suck :((( but it's okay now, mostly.

In more fun news, I've been watching some old European cinema for my classes! And it's interesting and stuff so forgive my ramblingsCollapse )